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4 non-gaming activities Geeknson tables are perfectly suited for!16.05.2022 5:00 PM


Gaming is our passion and love however we envy the person who can genuinely say that they play all the time 24/7. When designing the tables it’s important to remember our reality – sometimes we’ll need the table to help with more basic needs. Geeknson’s tables created for board games and RPG sessions can also perform flawlessly a plethora of other functionalities and help with everyday chores or other hobbies. Let’s review some of the more and less common ways in which board game tables turn out to be perfect for purposes other than tabletop gaming.







Long discussions and brain storming sessions!



When it’s time to think, conceptualize and create – it’s important to be surrounded by an environment that caters to all of your needs. You don’t want to be bothered and definitely want to give your all to the idea you have to carefully consider. Even something as simple as standing from the table and walking across the room to grab a file or certain document can already take you out of the preferred mindset. What is the solution? Geeknson’s table that will let you not only have enough space for all the important documents but will also ensure that you have extra surface for all critical papers! Although the GM and Player stations were designed to maximize your players fun (as in case of Megan Board Game Table) there’s nothing stopping you from using them as work desk! Thanks to some of the addons for the table you can also enhance that space further and make sure that you will not spill your drink on any of the cards laying around the table! It’s a win-win situation!







My hobby does require certain conditions…



However, that’s not the end! Geeknson’s tables are designed in a way that resonates with many other hobbies! Are you into scrapbooking? That’s great, you can arrange your pieces and elements that will eventually come together into a finalized page on the table itself - you can even use the Pro Gaming Tiles and Chests offered by Archie to neatly organize all of your belongings! Does your hobby require using laptop or smartphone? Awesome, not only is there space dedicated to those machines but you can also charge them through the table itself! Whether you need deeper table to showcase your collection of porcelain elephants or flat surface because you’re into cooking – Geeknson’s table is prepared for both. And you know the best part of it? You can even do two of those things ALMOST at the same time! Simply use the water-proof leaves to separate one hobby from the other. Scrapbooking under the leaves, water and flour above… Usually that would be a terrible idea but Geeknson’s tables allow you to almost mix fire with water – and survive the aftermath!







A dinner lit by candlelight!



While it may seem absolutely crazy you will perhaps encounter a situation in which you’ll want to use Geeknson’s table as a normal, regular table. We’re happy to say that those tables are more than perfect for that purpose. Enjoy your romantic dinner by the candlelight without worrying about wax or wine spills. Or… perhaps your family is bringing the young’uns to your home and you’re worried that they might not have the best table manners and follow the etiquette? The table like Bristol Board Game Table can withstand even that while safely storing your other projects inside its belly. That means that even unexpected encounters and unannounced visits should not break your spirit… or the table itself! 







…but before eating, you need to cook it!



If you’re preparing an especially elaborate dinner you might require some additional space – and not only to set the tableware on but also during the preparation and cooking stage! Geeknson’s tables feature an amazing water-proofing system meaning that they are prepared for all kinds of abuse. Laying out ingredients, including liquids, on such table should not be a problem at all and can give you some much needed clarity regarding the needs and requirements for certain dishes. You can even get very creative with holders, trays and add-ons that you can purchase for the table and use them for the sake of segregating everything you’ll be using during your grand cooking adventure!







Thousands ways to play!



It’s good to remember that tables created by Geeknson can be used for so much more than playing board games. While games will always be the focus of the company they do not shy from seeing other uses for solution they bring… to the table, pardon the pun. Suffice to say that a good table is something that we all need!