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High Quality Wood

Modern furniture industry has swayed from the ways of old. Utilizing mass scale production and replacing traditional materials from which furniture was made for generations, with new innovative and cheep materials like MDF boards, plywood, veneer, and other wood derivatives, while effective at reducing the price, had often overlooked cost attached to them. Long lasting design has been replaced by functionality and ease of manufacturing and assembly. Buying furniture for years has been replaced by buying furniture for several months. While effective at reducing price and making furniture available to the people it also has diminished the value of the furniture itself. Something important was left behind. At Geeknson we pride ourselves in using only hardwood in our furniture. We are one of few remaining manufacturers that choose hardwood over other cheaper materials. Geeknson is known for our uncompromising quality regarding the components used in our products. We are using Wild Oak and Ash so that the table can last generations in your home.

quality wood

Skilled Carpenters

Our designs and wood working techniques come from ages-long European tradition of furniture making, which is recognised and respected all over the world. We have specialized in the production of tables and chairs. In our history, we have already produced dining, kitchen, folding and conference tables, we have equipped restaurants and hotels in the country and abroad with tables and chairs. 35 years of experience allows us to create the highest quality furniture for the most demanding customers from all over the world. The final stage is the current production of tables for board games. Nowadays Geeknson company is a well known and well-established gaming table company. Our custom-built tables are distinguished by high-quality materials and performance and known for introducing new and innovative solutions to enhance the gaming experience.

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