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Terms & Conditions

For products purchased on our website or by telephone.


1.1 Terms and Conditions apply to Your purchase of any Products from Us on Our Website or by telephone. We may amend these Terms at any time to ensure that we remain compliant with relevant laws and regulations and to ensure that we are constantly improving your experience.

1.2 All purchases made on this website are governed by these Terms & Conditions at any time although the Terms & Conditions governing any purchase will be those in effect at the date of your order. If you order goods after we have published any changes you will be bound by those changes. Accordingly, you should check prior to each order to ensure that you understand the precise Terms & Conditions applicable to your site visit or purchase. Please read these Terms and Conditions and the documents linked to these Terms and Conditions carefully. You will need to accept these Terms and Conditions before We will accept Your order.

1.3 We may amend these Terms and Conditions at any time to ensure that We remain compliant with relevant laws and regulations and/or to reflect any changes to Our business operations. The Terms and Conditions governing Your purchase will be those in effect at the date of Your order. If You order Products after We have published any changes, You will be bound by those changes. Accordingly, you should check Our Terms and Conditions prior to each order to ensure that You understand the precise Terms and Conditions applicable to Your purchase.

1.4 We have tried to make these Terms and Conditions easy to understand but We do understand that You may feel uncertain about some sections when You read them. Our staff are here to help and will be more than happy to assist You with any query You may have.

1.5 If You have a query about these Terms and Conditions or do not accept them, please contact Us:
Telephone – +44 01386 244370
Email – 

Definitions and Interpretation

To make these Terms and Conditions easy to read We have defined some of the words. If a word begins with a capital letter then this means that the word has been defined. A list of the defined words is set out below:
“Product(s)” means the product(s) which are available for purchase, and described, on Our Website;
“Terms and Conditions” means these terms and conditions of sale which You can access on Our Website;
“Website” means geeknson.com as appropriate;
“Working Day” means any week day excluding public holidays; and
“You” / “Your” means you as Our customer.

Placing an order

2.1 This section sets out how a legally binding contract will be formed between You and Us.

2.2 You may purchase Product(s) from Us by placing an order on Our Website or by calling Our sales team on +44 01386 244370 .

2.3 You are responsible for ensuring that the information You provide to Us is correct (including Your email address and delivery address for the Products ordered), otherwise We may not be able to confirm Your order and deliver the Products to You.

2.4 We will send You as soon as possible an email to the email address You have provided to Us confirming receipt of Your order, Your payment, Your order number and personal details (“Order Acknowledgement”).

2.5 No order has been accepted by Us until We have received payment from You or a third party finance provider and have sent You an Order Acknowledgement. A contract will be formed when We accept Your order in accordance with this paragraph.

Product Specifications

3.1 We and Our suppliers have a policy of continuous product development and reserve the right to amend the specifications of any Products without prior notice in relation to future sales.
Products supplied may differ slightly, therefore, from those on display or advertised online.

3.2 All Our furniture is made from natural wood and accordingly appearances may vary. Some woods will mellow with age and exposure to sunlight.

3.3 When You are purchasing Our furniture, You are buying pieces where varying degrees of distressing is generally applied. This is very much intended and makes each piece totally individual as designed by the manufacturers. We sell only genuine rustic designs with varying degrees of distressing from piece to piece; this may involve wood splits, wood filling, knots, purpose distress/scratch marks, antiquing etc. Certain degrees of filler will be used on Our oak furniture. This is common and part of the manufacturing process. Please note that Knotty and grainy woods are used; this is as intended by the supplier. This does not affect Your statutory rights and as such, if You believe that the condition of the Product(s) delivered to be faulty or not as described.

3.6 We advise ur solid hardwood furniture be treated with wax. Ensure that You wax the whole Product, not just the top. This does not affect Your statutory rights and as such if you believe the condition of your items is unacceptable then please contact the customer service department.

3.7 On rare occasions, due to climate changes You may find slight swelling or wood expanding or contracting. To avoid this Try to place leaves back on the table when the table is no being used as often as possible.


4.1 The price of the Product(s) is as notified to You by Our telephone sales team or as indicated on the order pages when You submit Your order to purchase the Product(s) on the Website (as applicable). All prices include VAT, where appropriate, at the prevailing rate and are subject to any promotional offer or discount.

4.2 We take all reasonable care to ensure that the price of the Product advised to You is correct. However, it is always possible that, despite Our best efforts, some of the prices for the Products may be incorrect. If We accept and process Your order where a pricing error is obvious and unmistakable and could reasonably have been recognised by You as mispricing, We may end Our contract with You, refund You any sums You have paid and require the return of the Products from You.


5.1 Before delivery, our logistics team will contact customers to establish specifics regarding access and location of your residence. This will help us allocate appropriate time for the delivery and setup (where applicable) of your order.

5.2 The validity of your confirmed delivery price covers the total cost of delivering your order to your residence, strictly in accordance with the information provided by the customer to our logistics team in point 5.1.

5.3 Misinformation relating to point 5.1 will lead to either an additional delivery charge of £50, or delivery to a ground level location at your address.

5.4 After the delivery and assembly service, the delivery team is obliged to take a few pictures of the assembled table in case of any further questions or open issues.

5.5 Please verify product measurements and delivery access to your home on our website or by contacting our customer service. Ensure adequate doorway and stair access. We are not liable for extra costs due to incorrect information provided by you.

5.6 Please ensure that access to your residence and the final location of your order is safe and free from potential problems or hazards. As our staff has not visited your home and cannot advise whether your products will fit, we ask that you take reasonable steps to ensure that the products can be successfully delivered to you. This includes making sure that the van can get to you and measuring any door or ceiling heights, plus twists and turns (including your stair banister) that might cause difficulties when we deliver. Your order will typically be delivered via a large van, so please be sure your property is accessible for this type of vehicle. If you think there may be an issue, please inform us prior to delivery.

5.7 It is helpful if you can be at your home to accept the delivery because no one knows it better than you. If you are unavailable to accept the delivery, please note that there must be someone over the age of 16 at your property to take the delivery for you.

5.8 Please take reasonable steps to remove any internal or external tripping hazards, furniture, ornaments, wall fixtures, or cables that will obstruct the route to your room of choice. We cannot be held responsible for any damage to these items if they are not removed unless caused by our negligence. Please note that our drivers are not allowed to remove their shoes (for health and safety reasons) when delivering such heavy items. You should take care to ensure that the route is safe and accessible before the delivery team arrives. We recommend you take steps to cover floors and carpets if necessary, and where possible secure temporary coverings to avoid tripping hazards. We cannot be liable for failure to deliver due to inaccessibility or for marks, scratches, or damage caused to your property, internally or externally, unless such damage is caused by our negligence.

5.9 Delivery to certain postcodes may take longer than others.

5.10 Although we endeavor to offer flexible delivery dates, our custom delivery is subject to availability.

5.11 Any changes made to your order might impact the delivery date. We may be unable to deliver your products on your confirmed delivery date should changes occur. If we are unable to deliver your entire order on the same day, we will deliver your order in instalments. We will not charge you for deliveries in instalments unless this is a result of your request.

5.12 If we are not able to make the delivery at the pre-arranged time due to factors under your control (e.g., the products do not fit), we may charge you a failed delivery fee to cover our direct costs.

5.13 Time of delivery is not of the essence. We will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by you through any reasonable delay due to unforeseen circumstances.

5.14 In the unlikely event that there is an issue with your product(s) on arrival, please notify us upon becoming aware of it, and our customer service team will help to resolve the matter for you as quickly as possible. Once your service case has been raised, a member of our customer service team will look into the best way to resolve the situation, and you will be contacted within two working days. Please do not return products to the store. We will require you to provide certain information about the reported fault (including a photograph of the damage that you can load onto the website) to enable us to investigate and resolve the issue. Nothing in this paragraph affects your statutory rights.

5.15 If you choose to have your products delivered to your own third-party carrier, we will not accept any responsibility or liability for any damage to your product(s) once they are out of our control. Any forwarding delivery is at your own risk.

5.16 The product is your responsibility from the time we deliver the product to: (i) the address you gave us; or (ii) to your own third-party carrier.

5.17 You own the product once we have received payment in full and have delivered it to you or your own third-party carrier.

5.18 Please note that we cannot facilitate the removal of any of your packaging.


6.1 All orders are subject to a 14-day cooling off period, after which orders cannot be cancelled.

6.2 A cancellation fee will be charged for all orders cancelled after 48 hrs of order confirmation.

6.3 All deposits are non-refundable.

6.4 All cancellation requests need to be reported via email: info@geeknson.com. 

Your rights where We deliver faulty Products

7.1 By law, We are required to supply Products which are as described by Us, fit for purpose and of satisfactory quality.

7.2 Please contact Us using the contact details to discuss a resolution including providing a repair, a replacement Product, an allowance or a refund. We will ask You to provide certain information about the Product in question to enable us to investigate and resolve the issue.

7.3 We guarantee all Products against faulty workmanship and/or faulty materials for a period of 12 months from the actual date of delivery. In all cases We reserve the right to inspect the Product and verify the fault.

7.4 These guarantees do not cover fair wear and tear and natural characteristics of wooden Products including movement in wooden Products; neglect; abuse or misuse of Your Products in failing to follow correct care procedures as outlined waxing of furniture; loss or damage due to fire, smoke, water, lightning, sunlight, weather, rusting, corrosion, theft or explosion; accidental damage or loss or damage caused by a third party.

7.5 Should You agree, We will arrange to repair a defective Product free of charge. Alternatively, at Our sole discretion, an allowance may be made for You to arrange a local repair. We reserve the right to offer a full refund if a repair is not acceptable. If a repair is not possible or practical, We will offer You, at Our discretion, a replacement or a full refund. Should a replacement no longer be available or circumstances determined by Us make a replacement impractical, it may be replaced with a part that closely matches it. We reserve the right to send out an independent third party furniture specialist to inspect and, if You agree, repair Your furniture.

General terms

8.1 In purchasing a Product, You represent and agree that You are buying the Product solely for Your personal use, and not for business reasons (for example resale or commercial distribution).

8.2 These Terms and Conditions are only available in English. No other languages will apply to these Terms and Conditions.

8.3 You may not transfer any of Your rights under these Terms and Conditions to any other person.

8.4 We may transfer any of Our rights under these Terms and Conditions to any person or ask any person to fulfil any aspect of them so long as the performance of these Terms and Conditions is not affected.

8.5 Only You and Us have any rights under these Terms and Conditions. No other person shall have any rights under these Terms and Conditions.

8.6 You may not use Our trademarks or intellectual property without Our prior written consent.

8.7 If You are a consumer, then nothing in these Terms and Conditions will affect Your statutory rights.

8.8 If any of these Terms and Conditions are found to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable by any court of competent jurisdiction, the rest of these Terms and Conditions shall remain in full force and effect.

8.9 These terms and conditions together with Your order form set out the whole of Our agreement relating to the supply of Products to You by Us.