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How can professional inset enhance your Board Gaming experience?31.05.2022 5:00 PM


In Board Game Tables insets are often considered to be a backbone of the whole table. Very often it is through the quality of their design that players will experience the ultimate bliss of playing a favourite board game in an utterly high state of comfort. Geeknson always made sure to acknowledge that in all of the tables they have developed ultimately resulting in creation of Pro Modular Fabric Inset – a standard that is at the same time high quality and affordable.







Play more games on the same table



As board game players we often find ourselves wanting to play different game – today we might crave some strategic games that require us to think long and deeply, tomorrow we want to play extremely high-paced game of luck! Sometimes when the party gathers it is also difficult to choose one particular game – especially when there are two new games to check out. Geeknson’s Bristol Board Game Table dealt with that in a fascinating way. The table inset facilitates a strake board making it possible to use half of the table for certain purposes while still leaving another half for others. This can be a place you use for a different game but also to keep pizza, drinks or anything you want if you cover it with table leaves. It’s simple yet so effective!







Elevate your gaming to another level!



Convenience can be a subjective mistress. For some of us having our board game within a board game table vault is the definition of convenience however other people might prefer to have their games placed higher. As showcased below by Megan Board Game Table – it’s very easy to customize it simply by using some additional strake boards! In a moment – and with your game still on the inset – you can evolve your gaming place to accommodate your preferences!







Durable yet elegant inset to compliment your hobby



The inset also needs to be sturdy and be appropriately pleasant to touch. Everyone wants to be able to game on their tables in comfortable way and Geeknson understand very well. The padded surface that Archie Board Game Table features perfectly encapsulates both of these strategically important requirements. Not only is the inset snugly attractive but it’s also a durable piece of equipment. Its wooden-backed rigid playing surface will definitely find many fans – especially since it comes in two equally sized parts making it possible to further enjoy Geeknson’s trademark customization features!







Supporting the modularity!



As said in previous paragraph - Geeknson’s insets are durable enough to support a variation of different approaches to the topic of modularity and customization. Be it either by using an additional strake board or other means it is possible to evolve the table to gain additional feats and opportunities for your gaming moments. No matter whether you’re playing board games or tabletop RPGs you might want to always be on the lookout for such moments. In case of Bristol Board Game Table you can even use a big counter station to separate two parts of your inset and create two equal playing fields. How interesting would it be to keep one part of the table completely hidden and suddenly unveil it before your pen and paper RPG players showcasing a new place their party visits? Or feature two different labyrinth maps when the party inevitably splits up (as they always do, right)? Geeknson wants you to experience those moments and certainly wants you to be equipped for them.







(In)Set course for amazing fun!



Durable, classy and pleasant – insets created for Geeknson’s tables have all these in common. Manufactured to withstand a lot due to their sturdy build and to make even mundane activities like picking up cards more enjoyable – and let’s be honest we all got frustrated once or twice by being unable to pick up that last one card from the flat surface of our kitchen table. With Geeknson’s inset you simply can’t go wrong.