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How to manage your gaming space with Geeknson’s tables01.05.2022 5:00 PM

Don’t you hate that feeling arising in your soul every time you find out that you’re a bit short on your table space and have to place certain parts of your favourite board game everywhere around the table? In extreme cases this can distract you from your session, make you unhappy with constant need to navigate between table and extra space or even make you play worse! Nothing quite as disheartening as losing highly competitive game because you didn’t notice some of your tokens as they were laying on a chair besides you! Thankfully Geeknson’s tables employ quite an array of safeguards and solutions to make you game comfortably and avoid many mundane problems – let’s review some of those!








To the left, to the right and this goes here!



It’s easy to imagine that there are as many preferences as there are players. Some of us prefer to have their figurines next to their left hands while others couldn’t imagine it to be more wrong. The freedom of placement can be sorely hindered if you don’t have necessary space thus often resulting in compromises that can make us quite unhappy. Geeknson’s Bristol Board Game Table arrives to the rescue – not only can you choose the dimensions of the table itself – allowing you to tailor your table to your own needs but you can also use many of its glorious accessories to ensure your gaming surface is like no other. With the PRO Inset Elevator you’ll be also able to control the depth of your vault in a very simple way. All of that to ensure that you have the necessary space to enjoy your hobby – no replacements needed as your table takes care of everything!







Look out, it’s going to fall!   



The racket and noise of your gaming accessories falling down to the floor is unnerving by itself but if that happens you’d definitely pray that it ends with noise alone. Scratches, folds and all kinds of damage are something that sooner or later will happen to the pieces, token or figurines from your beloved board game – especially if you put them on the corner of your table “to save space”. Is there no helping that? Bristol Board Game offers a simple and intuitive solution for exactly this kind of problem – magnetic table corners to ensure that what is supposed to stay on the table remains just there! The magnets themselves are hidden within the table to ensure it looks great and retains the classical feeling of a dinner table and yet they still can expand the possibilities for your gaming sessions. Simply put one of the specially designed shelves on the corner and create a safe space for everything you hold dear – of course in regards to tabletop gaming although we’re sure your phone could fit too!







I can’t hold all these cards!



But what if your board game of choice features hundreds of different cards? Well… That probably means that the game is awesome and potentially it takes quite a lot of space! It’s unavoidable – with great gameplay comes great responsibility and some requirements. Normally you would set up your cards on the table itself, laying face down to ensure the tactical stealth for your options. This however limits your arms movements and can generally make the session quite awkward. What if we told you there’s a simple yet genius solution exactly for that kind of problem? In case of Megan Board Game Table using cards is super easy thanks to the unique card rail system allowing for comfortable management of your cards. Not only will you not have to worry about showing them to your opponent but also you’ll be seated comfortably without the need to take up the valuable space on the surface of the table itself! It’s very convenient!







Give me more holders please!



And speaking of the different ways to hold things – Geeknson have you covered in that area too! Take a look at classy Dennis Board Game Table – this one is equipped with all kinds of useful holders that you can use in connection with the external railing system. Cup holders, wine glass holders, counter holders… You can even equip it with acrylic bins if you prefer so. Managing your own resources in the game of your choosing becomes so much easier when you can easily navigate and collect numerous tokens, group them and never worry about forgetting them as they always within your reach!  







I love space!



Geeknson is here to provide you with the best possible way to enjoy gaming. Tables that ensure the highest level of comfort while neutralizing many of the typical, old as word itself problems can completely change the way you play. And let’s not forget that while many of the solutions where designed with board games in mind they are easily adaptable for those of you who enjoy a session of D&D or Warhammer – dice holders, character sheet railings or extra space for a dice tower – nothing to sneeze about, right?