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Gwen Board Game Table will soon enchant your gaming days!08.02.2023 12:30 PM

Although Queen Gwen had already taken part in many adventures, her heart was beating like never before. She and her warriors were travelling through Brocéliande for many weeks now but only today she started feeling something calling out to her from the depths between the trees…



We are absolutely ecstatic to unveil our new upcoming project – Gwen Board Game Table. Similarly as it happened in case with our other tables, Gwen will also become available on Kickstarter very soon in April, 2023! We’re currently preparing ourselves for a new fantastic crowdfunding campaign where you’ll be able to get a lot of amazing extras and bonuses – including fantastic Day 1 freebies that you certainly don’t want to miss out on. Make sure to follow our campaign right away to reap all  benefits - simply click on the link below and fill out the form to sign-up!


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Gaming and Dining Table for absolutely everyone!   


Gwen needed to find the greatest artifact - one capable of stopping the biggest threat the whole realm faced - Morgana, the greatest of the witches. Her realm was fighting the corrupting influence of the witch for years and Gwen - the courageous and brave Queen of Camelot has finally decided to end this conflict once and for all…

No matter whether you are a veteran warrior, fledgling adventurer, a beautiful princess or a curious gobbling – Gwen Board Game Table will be a perfect gaming table for your needs! With Gwen we’re aiming to approach modularity from a new perspective and we want you on board with us! Using Gwen will be akin to participating in an incredible gaming spectacle - we want it to be an adventure on its own! As always you can expect the highest quality of manufacture and materials used for the sake of creating a fantastic gaming altar for your whole group. We’ve decided to use 100-years old oak hardwood to ensure the sturdiness and elegance of our tables. With this kind of material and the knowledge and expertise we’ve gathered throughout our professional life you can simply expect the best of the best!



Accessories and freebies!  


As she forced her way through magically grown trees and bushes she finally caught a glimpse of the artifact. She approached it timidly, feeling the unstopping waves of magical energy tugging at all her senses. A fabulous wooden object lay there in the forest clearing seemingly protected by the forest itself. By all indications, this was the object she was looking for and now she understood what she had discovered.

As always when designing new board game tables we are also thinking of extending the variety of our fantastic accessories to make sure that our players are well-equipped for any kind of challenge! With Gwen Board Game Table we have some amazingly convenient ideas in store for you and we’ll be informing you about those in the coming weeks but even now we want to share some extra information with you. One of the first new introductions to our setups will be incorporating a 360-degree LED lighting – as befitting a truly magical table. Imagine the new possibilities of building the right atmosphere and supporting the tone of your gaming with this newfound power, right?


We’ll be informing you about our freebies and how exactly to get them through our future messages and articles so make sure to stay connected and click right here to follow the campaign and always know ALL! Keep in mind that only by following right now will you be able to reap all Day 1 benefits - don’t miss out on them!


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Attractive pricing and new financing methods coming soon!


A table filled with magical energy that flickered and crackled in the air. Gwen smelled the ozone and instinctively understood that things that happened at this table could change the course of history. She has found her artifact and she knows that with this table the realm will finally know what true peace, bliss and joy look like…                                              

As you already know we have already handled several great crowdfunding campaigns on both Kickstarter and Gamefound and we’re happy to say that our tables are already a part of thousands of gaming households. With the experience we’ve accumulated through our campaigns and by carefully sifting through feedback and opinions from many of you we are happy to emphasize two important points! First of all we are happy to say that Gwen Board Game Table will feature a very attractive pricing tag especially taking into consideration that we are still talking about a fully functional amazing board game table! This pricing will be revealed in future but you might expect the best. Secondly – we are happy to say that we’ll be also introducing new financing options for the convenience of our customers. We’ll discuss them in more detail soon but we are happy to offer everyone some great options. As always we cannot overstate how important it is to follow the campaign to learn more about our ideas and get all Day 1 freebies. 




Dine at a table you deserve! 


Our tables, while specifically designed for board game players, will also be perfect for everyone searching for a high quality table for their kitchen or dining area. Stylish frame and impeccable style that characterize our tables will mean that adding it to any room will be easy and the various sizes will ensure that Gwen will be a great fit for any space. This is a table where you will have all family dinners and romantic dates… and it’s going to be so easy to incorporate various board games or other creative activities! Drawing, writing, work from home - everything is possible on Gwen Board Game Table! 



International shipping


We will be offering international shipping for Gwen Board Game Tables as we strongly believe that fun should know no bounds. If Gwen could travel the realm to find the table, we definitely can travel the globe with our tables! This means that no matter where you are located in the world we will try our best to find a great solution for the delivery especially for you.

That is of course not all – we have many more fantastic news and cool features to present and we can’t wait to share more with you. That will happen gradually in the coming weeks so once again – make sure to follow the campaign and stay connected to receive all the important information about our new enchanting addition to the Geeknson Gaming & Dining Table family.  


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