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The magic grows stronger with upcoming Gwen Board Game Table!20.02.2023 11:00 AM

It is high time to present you with additional details regarding the newest fascinating journey we’re undertaking with our upcoming Gwen Board Game Table! No worries, you’ll be joining us very soon on an adventure of your lifetime – now sit comfortably and read more about exciting information we’ve prepared for all of you interested in our newest creation!



We are very keen on making sure that crowdfunding campaign for Gwen Board Game Table will be an amazing experience. Each of the campaigns we’ve created up until now were always filled with our love for board games and no matter whether it was Megan, Bristol or Archie – we always strived for perfection and achieving your highest comfort with most exhilarating fun. Gwen, our next venture, deserves a truly magical campaign and as such it needs to be accompanied by appropriately amazing features. We are happy to say that we’ve prepared quite a fair share of surprises for you and we hope you’ll enjoy them!


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We’re starting with Early Birds rewards – as that is something we know you might super interested about. This time we’ve prepared a truly fascinating set of accessories that you will be getting as our Early Bird backers and we hope you’ll enjoy the convenience and fun they bring to our and your table.


Early Birds rewards will include:


·         360-Degree Lights

·         Inductive Wireless Charger

·         Powerbank


Getting all three of them means that you’ll be saving around £420! Chances like this one don’t happen to often but we want to treasure those of you who decide to get our table as soon as the campaign launches – we appreciate your trust and patronage and we feel it’s only natural to give you the very best for the most attractive possible price – free of charge! 



We’ll be also making it possible for you to check out Gwen Board Game Table yourself – three designated points were selected that will host Gwen and consequently you will be able to visit to see the table personally. Two of those points will be located in USA, while the third one will remain in Europe. We’ll be letting you know more about the details of those locations very soon! Suffice to say however that if you’re on the fence we would love to showcase the table for you and let it speak for itself – Gwen can be very persuasive!



Let’s talk about delivery and shipment – as you’ve already had the chance to see we’re always looking for a chance to make delivery as convenient and cheap as possible. We want more people to have the chance to experience board games as they were truly meant to be – on a dedicated fantastic playing surface ensured by our tables. In case of Gwen Board Game Tables we’ve undertook several actions to ensure that transportation cost will be reduced as much as possible.


As a result we will be offering an option to select Low Rate Self Pick-up on the area of USA and Europe. We are aware that many of you would have liked to see that option in our previous campaigns and we’re proud to say that this will be an option for Gwen! We want Gwen to be super attractive option for everyone looking for a quality Board Game Table with an attractive price tag!


Keep in mind that Europe as well as USA are also covered by our Geeknson’s Team Own Delivery system. Yes, USA is also included in this particular option, and that is yet another fantastic news we have for you! White Glove Assembly and Delivery is at your service to ensure that the process of getting your new table will be as easy as physically possible!


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And speaking of ease and transportation we’re also happy to let you know that we’re aiming at very fast fulfillment after the campaign ends. We’re projecting that our first tables will be delivered to their new homes before Christmas! Now, if you want to gift someone Gwen you might want to think how will you hide it and if it will fit under the tree but we’re sure you’ll think about something!



We’ll be back very soon with more news regarding Gwen Board Game Table! For now, make sure to follow our campaign through the link below – that’s the most reliable way to ensure that you will receive Early Bird benefits!


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