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How Geeknson tables help DMs create the unforgettable RPG experience?15.03.2022 4:04 PM

Board game tables are terrific place to live out the wildest role-playing dreams and fantasies. Nothing can quite beat the feeling of the dice rolling smoothly with a nice clank on the table’s surface delivering that perfect result that you’re hoping for! Triumphant roars of your players and smiles surrounding the table are the best reward for any dungeon master. Geeknson tables are all about enhancing those critical moments.





While it is dungeon master’s job to provide its players with fun time one should never forget about the sheer scale of knowledge that they need to have. Hundreds of rules, ideas, notes and props they can use during the best game of your life calls for aid and board game tables are right here to make sure the DM has everything under control. Let’s learn more about how that is made possible!



Freedom in space



When you’re just starting as a dungeon master and you still need to look up specific rules in the books nothing can be quite as disrupting as the need to stand up and look for the particular book. Board Game Tables like our Adam Coffee Table or Henry Table are ideal to customize - they have been fashioned to bring out the maximum comfort as an answer for your GM needs. Thanks to their external rail systems you can easily customize them with GM Stations where you can keep your most treasured guides, tools and books – never again fearing that you will spend unnecessary time on looking through your shelves.





Not to mention that you can also make your players happy by providing them with their own little player desks where they’ll be able to keep their belongings. Not having any need to waste time on mundane will definitely keep their heads in the game and create unforgettable gaming session!



Create the right atmosphere



While it’s perfectly fine to play pen and paper RPGs on a normal table the experience can be made so much richer if the table itself fits the theme of the game. Megan Board Gaming Table is a perfect representation of every player and DM’s dream – its unique player stations will make every player feel like they’re a part of a grand experience and its convenience cannot be overstated. As an addition you can also equip it with Bluetooth speakers – making your players hear the noisy market they’re traveling through will add to their immersion.





A wolf’s howl cutting through the silence of the night or a metallic noise of sword being drawn out from its sheath – any DM can achieve the right atmosphere with just a little bit of convenience provided by the table itself. Each description that you’ve prepared for your players will resonate so much more clearly with them with just a little hint of right music coming straight out of your gaming table – Virgo Table being one of the prominent choices in that segment.



Combine tradition with modernity



These days we’re blessed with the ability to link traditionally offline hobbies with modern additions and enhancements. While many prefer to solely use books, paper and other material tools – others will be happy to use their phones, tablets and laptops while gaming – even when it comes to board games or RPGs! Our board game tables are perfectly prepared for both types of players and we’re ready to serve the DMs trying to incorporate the technological element to their games!





Equipping tables with iPad/Tablet holder will make it easy to use PDFs of core rule books for your games. No more are the times of clumsily navigating between books and tablets – everything is right there for you on display (but still hidden from the rest of your players – if you wish so!). You won’t even have to worry about the battery dying since the table can also be fashioned with USB chargers. Our very own Bristol Board Game Table fits the bill perfectly featuring truly the best of both worlds – enchanting traditional approach combined with modern simplicity.





No worries, just fun



Geeknson’s tables are all about making sure that you can focus on the fun. Being GM is unbelievably rewarding and can be made even more worriless by using our tables. Suffice to say that a simple trick like adding cup holders to your gaming tables can make a world of difference for your games. Never again fret that your painstakingly created handouts or expensive books will get dirty!

So play your games to your heart’s content and make sure to check out our other articles!