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Our Most Popular Tables from Kickstarter and... a Little Surprise30.12.2021 11:18 PM

Each time a year ends we start feeling the urge to look back at our Kickstarter campaigns and all amazing board game tables that were made into reality thanks to them. This and the  previous year were especially intense and exciting for us. We brought you 2 great table families over the course of 3 highly successful campaigns.


Today we’d like to look back at them, talk about their features, and give a tiny hint at what’s coming in 2022.


Megan Board Game Table


Megan was introduced in 2020 and we have devoted 2 campaigns to it. The first one was aimed exclusively at European backers and the second at North America based ones. The models introduced here included a smaller Megan Coffee table, a square-shaped Megan X, two sizes of hexagonal Megan Hex, a 4-6 player Megan variant along a 6-8 player one, Megan Poker & Chips, and finally: Megan Wing - the largest table of the entire line.



All Megan board game tables backable through the campaign had soft fabric insets in customizable colours. They also had two rails that allowed attaching add-ons comfortably and could also work as a place to keep your cards in. Tables also sported an inset elevator, a counter leaf, a coverable vault area for your games, the Keep Dry System that safeguards game components, an acrylic layer, and many optional accessories that could be ordered as well.


All Megan tables were crafted from 100-year-old European Oak trees, present in the history of European carpentry since the Medieval Ages. The wood could be covered with a number of different finishes. Backers were also able to add new features like wireless chargers, a built-in TV or the popular Cat Holder, that many people (and felines) fell in love with.



One of the biggest revolutions was the way we solved shipping. Tables were delivered straight to the homes of our backers and were extremely easy to assemble.


Bristol Board Game Table


Bristol debuted in 2021 and offered a brand new way to look at board game tables. While many solutions from Megan were reintroduced, plenty of new ones were used as well. The biggest surprise was easily the inclusion of Pro Magnetic accessories. How do they work? Each accessory has magnets hidden inside, which allows attaching them to each other and forming customizable clusters tailored to your favourite games. Certain areas of Bristol tables were also equipped with magnets to allow attaching said accessories in an easy way.



Bristol board game tables came in a variety of shapes: Coffee, 4-6 Player, 6-8 Player, and a large one called The Warlord. Each table came with a set of counter holders, metal cups, and (in most cases) a set of top leaves. Additionally backers got more stuff through stretch goals including acrylic player boards, acrylic bins, a strake board, an inset elevator holder, and 2 triangle counter holders. All of the free and discounted items sure made this, and all our Kickstarter campaigns, worth backing!



Archie is Coming


And speaking of Kickstarters…we will launch a brand new campaign for a new board game table in 2022. If you’re planning to get a new table for your favourite tabletop games, look no further. Archie will show a brand new approach, and will without doubt be one of the best products we have ever released. We can’t stress how excited we are for this launch. We plan to reveal more details in early 2022. Stay tuned!