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Coffee Board Game Tables - How Good Are They?12.12.2021 5:29 PM

When you think about board game tables you usually have pretty big pieces of furniture in mind. Huge surfaces, high legs, and large room presence are what usually comes to mind when thinking about these. Getting a board game table doesn’t necessarily mean buying a colossal space hoarder though. Nowadays crafters like us often have plenty of table sizes to choose from, including much smaller ones.


Today we want to show you tables that can be a surprisingly great addition to your place if you lack space for a bigger table, prefer smaller ones, or just want to have a piece of furniture that doubles as a great coffee table.


Megan Coffee Table


Megan's Board Game Table line’s Coffee model was introduced during the second Kickstarter campaign. Since many potential backers were asking for it and we want to accomodate all sorts of tabletop gamers - adding a table of this type to our portfolio turned out to be a must.



Megan’s smallest sibling comes in two different sizes: 82cm x 114cm and a square shaped 114cm x 114cm. The height in both cases is 50cm - perfect for a table to have your coffee on and play your favorite games at. Other than these dimensions, the table has all functionalities you would expect from the whole Megan model line.


All Great Features Left Intact


So what can you do with your Megan Coffee table? First of all: it features a vault that you may know from other products in our offer. Despite its smaller size, this version of Megan can also store a “saved” game inside. No matter how exciting your session was, you can cover your board with topper leaves and have a coffee or cake without risking any game elements getting wet or damaged in other ways. After finishing your favourite snacks all you need is to remove the leaves and go back to playing. 



The coffee variant of Megan features both of the line’s rails. The inner one works great for card games letting you place all cards in front of you and freeing your hands. The outer one can let you attach all of the accessories available. Need some glass holders for your juice? How about counter holders to keep some elements away from the table? Same with add-ons like the tablet holder for modern games that utilize apps or an acrylic bin to hold your tokens in one place. All of them can be added to Megan Coffee and enjoyed to their fullest.


We also love how great the 114cm x 114cm sized Megan works for one of our favorite wargames ever: X-Wing the Miniatures Game. It feels like it was almost designed for it!


Fully Compatible



And those of you who decide to get their hands on two Megan tables - a bigger one and the Megan Coffee - you can switch all accessories between them and rearrange them in any way you want. This way you will have a set of tables used for plenty of different purposes and highly compatible with each other. After getting used to Megan, using a smaller one sounds like a fantastic idea and natural choice!



And if you follow our newest creations: the Bristol Board Game Table also had a coffee sized model available during its Kickstarter campaign and we may add even more of these tiny, but highly useful tables in the future!