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How Board Game Tables Make Your and Your Family’s Day Even Better23.12.2021 4:27 PM

As their name implies, board game tables are an incredible place to have fun when playing your favorite games. No matter whether you prefer party games, light euros or hardcore titles - you’re bound to have tons of fun there.


Still, board game tables can also be used for other fun hobbies and daily activities, making your enjoyment and productivity even larger. How can they change your daily life? Today we want to explore this very topic.


Working at Home


Past two years have without doubt changed the way we work. Many of these, who can perform their work at home, choose to do so. Plenty of them have even realized that they prefer it this way. Having a massive board gaming table might make you wonder whether you could use it for work. Well, sure, the “gaming” in its name may imply otherwise, but like with all tables, the things you can do on its surface are limited only by your own creativity



Board game tables like Megan, Bristol or Henry are fantastic places to work on. Not only are they sturdy, but they can also host tons of useful add-ons like player boards and flip desks - great to host your laptop, papers, and other work-related stuff you need to have nearby. And let’s not forget about USB chargers that many of our tables have pre-installed. Thanks to them your devices will never run out of power.


Great Table for Children



Apart from working, tables by Geeknson are also great for studying and doing homework. Your children will enjoy having access to technology along things like counter holders which can host school supplies. And when your kids play board games and want to start homework, they can cover the game with topper leaves without the need to pack it up back to its box! After finishing all the school stuff it will feel great to come back and continue the adventure started earlier on.


Hobies Made Better


Apart from everyday activities, our tables work great for many different hobbies and pastimes. Do you like jigsaw puzzles? Thanks to unique insets present in most of our tables, playing with these can be even more comfortable and fun. Picking each piece will be easier than ever thanks to the softness of the inset.



Craft and art related hobbies also feel amazing on board game tables like these present in our offer. Large surface can host virtually anything you need and accessories like the acrylic layer can protect some elements or allow you to sketch over them with a marker to brainstorm for ideas. 


Also, when you need a break, you can use the vault to hide what you made and play a game above.


Tonight, We Dine in Style


Geeknon’s board game tables are designed for both gaming and dining. The latter is especially comfortable when you use the topper leaves. 



If you love cooking, the table can also be used to prepare your meals, as long as you employ some sort of protection and use the wooden leaves.Your game saved in the vault will stay untouched no matter what happens above!


And Finally…


And when you’re done with work, homework, your hobbies, and you ate a hearty meal: you can always play board games! If you want to know how great it feels, check out all the other articles on our blog.