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Hexagonal Board Game Tables - Are They Worth It?21.11.2021 8:54 AM

Board game tables are becoming a more and more common sight in the homes of board game players all over the world. By adding numerous quality of life improvements, protecting games from liquids or damage, and offering cutting edge technological solutions - they make for a great addition to any gamer’s room. When buying one of these you will most likely think about how it will fit into your own space. And considering how many shapes and variants are there to choose from, it’s not always an easy choice.


Pick Your Favorite



While all our tables have plenty of fans who decide to get them, the rectangular ones seem to be the most common choice. It shouldn’t come as a surprise as they are the closest to what most of us are used to and when covered - will look like a pretty classic piece of furniture. They’re also rather big and can accomodate games with the biggest table presence.


Square-shaped coffee tables are an interesting choice as they can fit anywhere and work great for many party and regular games. 


Still, hexagonal tables are among our top favorites. The variant of Megan that we’ve created for our Kickstarter campaign remains popular and there’s a chance we will follow with similar products in the future.  What’s so great about it? Let’s see.


Benefits of a Hexagonal Table



First of all: hexagonal tables can accommodate many players at once without being too large and taking too much of your room space. They also provide a nice way to make all players equally close to game components: as everyone sits at the same distance from the board and other players. It’s faster and easier to play games that require interaction with your neighbor (e.g. for card drafting and other similar activities). It’s also easy to divide the playing area equally between everyone, including the armrest zone with its own card rail.


Hexagonal tables might be of preference to people who play fast card games designed for more players and for games where seeing the whole board as closely as possible benefits the people playing.


Megan Hex And Its Other Features



Now let’s take a look at Megan Hex - a hexagonal board game table you can get on our online store. It debuted during the Megan Kickstarter campaign and is one of the shapes available for the product. Megan Hex comes in two sizes: 109cm x 126cm or

130cm x 150cm and can have its height adjusted to your personal needs. You can choose from different finishes (e.g. Varnished - Walnut or Oil - Natural) and 6 inset colors.


When it comes to features, Megan Hex has its own card rail to hold your card hand in, an external aluminium rail for accessories, a wooden floor with an inset, and a system of top leaves forming the Keep Dry System that helps with avoiding liquid damage to your games and having meals above a “saved” game session. The construction is hardwood, and feels really solid, while remaining stylish enough to fit any kind of home space. We definitely cannot recommend this one enough. Just check our online store’s page here.