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Getting New Players Into Board Games With the Help of Our Tables14.11.2021 5:57 PM

Board game tables are becoming a more and more common topic of discussions among all sorts of seasoned players. Being invested in the gaming hobby for a longer period of time makes you research ways to improve your experience and enjoy your games in new ways. Still, new people keep flocking into the board gaming hobby and want to learn about more titles, genres and ways to have fun. If your friends play games, you’ve probably explained the rules to many people who saw how much fun you’re having and wanted to take part in it too.



Introducing newbies to tabletop games can often be fun, especially when you see how they’re beginning to grasp the rules, strategize or even win. Can board game tables help with introducing new players to board games? How can they benefit from playing on such furniture? 


Avoiding Chaos



First of all: some of the greatest tabletop games ever have rulesets that aren’t too obvious, especially for beginners. Hundreds of meeples, tokens, miniatures and cards can make them look overwhelming. 


Our board game tables are known for being insanely helpful when you want to get rid of chaos in your playing area. They can be of great help when you need to group all the components and assign specific areas to them. You can use counter holders attached to inner or outer rails or the new Pro Magnetic Accessories for Bristol Board Game Table. The latter offer additional help as you can use them to create your own clusters that perfectly match each game you’re playing. 


Another neat feature that helps with avoiding unnecessary chaos is the fabric inset. It helps with making cards much more stable and less prone to being moved. 


Seeing Things Clearly



Other great beginner friendly features include the acrylic layer that can be added to most of our creations. If you have any games that have playmats included, this solution can be of great help. You can not only allow players to see visual tips on playmats while keeping these safe under the layer, but also use erasable markers to draw over the covered playmat and explain the game in a more visual manner.



Technology Friendly


Apart from gaming related features, some quality of life upgrades are also welcome when you want to avoid discouraging new players from trying the board gaming hobby. That’s why it’s good to have a table with wireless or USB chargers. Your players won’t get frustrated when their smart devices run out of battery power. All they need is to place their phone on a designated spot on the table and charging will begin immediately. This will also help when you’re playing a game with a video tutorial.


A Table for a Board Game Newbie?



Benefits of teaching board games to new players on dedicated board game tables are easy to see. Removing unnecessary chaos and clutter, making components less likely to move, providing new ways to explain rules via the acrylic layer, and adding even more value thanks to quality of life upgrades.


Should you consider getting a proper board game table when you’re a beginner yourself? It might actually be a great idea, especially if you were already considering getting a new table or you’re decorating your new place. This way you will not only get a useful and great looking piece of furniture but something that will let you enjoy your new hobby to the fullest.