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Dining, Drinking and Snacking on Board Game Tables26.09.2021 9:56 AM

Board game tables, like their name suggests, were designed first and foremost for playing all sorts of games, enjoying RPG sessions, having fun with children and many other enjoyable activities. Their advanced features make components easy to reach, well organized, placed in a solid way as well and simply turn every game into something more. Newer additions can help a lot with boosting immersion, storing your stuff, connecting bluetooth speakers or even charging your phone wirelessly.


Despite all the modularity and advanced technology, our board game tables have one more, very basic yet important function. They were designed for dining and snacking in hundreds of ways. Let us tell you more about them today.


Saving a Game


All board gaming tables crafted by Geeknson come with a so-called vault area. If you've browsed through our online store, Kickstarter campaigns or some articles on this blog, you must have heard about it. It’s a deeper, receded part of the table, starting right after the armrest. The goals behind the decision to create it include holding game components in place, making cards easier to pick-up (thanks to the inset) but also: it is meant to be covered with a set of wooden leaves each time you need it to. 



So why use the wooden leaves? Well, some games take quite a lot of time to complete and your dear fellow players will often end up getting hungry. Simple biscuits or peanuts won’t cut it. That’s when you take out your set of Geeknson’s wooden topper leaves and cover the entire vault area. Now the game is “saved” below, you can serve some food and later on uncover the game to finish playing. Great, isn’t it?


A Family Dinner



Eating dinners with your family on a big, well crafted and comfortable table can be quite the pleasure. You already know about saving games, so if you played a session of Carcassonne with your kids or parents, and it’s time to have dinner, you can of course leave the game untouched in the vault. And that’s not the only useful feature of the leaves. They’re also equipped with the so-called Keep Dry System that makes them stick to each other and warrants complete protection from liquids. Somebody spilled a cup of tea or… blackcurrant juice? No worries. Nothing will get inside the vault and damage your game. The Keep Dry System blocks all liquid substances from getting inside.


The Party Never Stops


Game nights or regular parties that feature playing something fun with more people are one of the loveliest moments in our favourite hobby. All sorts of “gamer fuels” are welcome on our tables and can be served in many ways. You can for example cover only a small part of the table with 1 or 2 leaves and put bowls of popcorn or cookies there



We have also designed a set of add-ons that are helpful when you want to drink something while playing the game. Need examples? First there are the Cup Holders for keeping your glasses away from the vault, even while playing. Next we have the Mug Holders and Wine Glass Holders. These add-ons also have alternative uses. Cup holders can for example do a good job at holding a bottle, a can or even a bunch of game tokens when you’re not drinking anything.



And finally, some of our products have built-in cup holders, like the Virgo board game table you can see in the picture above. No matter which model you choose, all tables crafted by Geeknson are as great for dining, drinking and snacking as they are for gaming.