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Is Denis the Perfect Board Game Table for You?10.10.2021 10:49 AM

Today we want to show you one of the tables that made Geeknson’s catalog what it is today. Denis Board Game Table is one of the first really complex creations we designed and crafted. One of the goals was to make a table that can be customized precisely to the needs of every individual gamer. We took many suggestions received from the players and turned them into basic features and optional add-ons.



Thousands of happy customers consider Denis a top quality, premium product that introduces solutions we have been using ever since. To this day, the table remains one of the most popular choices by people ordering gaming furniture from our store. Let us show you what Denis can do, how it looks, and what do the influencers who tested it have to say about it.


Features to Suit Your Gaming Needs



Every Denis comes with quite a sizable amount of core features. First of all: like most of our tables: it has a so-called Vault area where you can place your game and later, cover it with a system of top leaves. If you’ve been reading more of our articles you know that this allows for saving the progress of your game and protects it from liquids accidentally spilled when having a meal. Additionally: the rail used to hold the leaves together when they’re on the table, can also be used as a place to hold your cards, so you can see them all at once and strategize even more comfortably.


The outer frame of the table contains another rail designed to hold various optional add-ons you can get for Denis. Thanks to these, owners of Denis can customize their tables even more and adjust them for their own gaming needs. What is available here? Stainless steel cup holders to hold your drinks, player stations, counter holders or even the GM Station for RPG lovers. 



Johannes from Board Game Rambling was one of the board gaming influencers who reviewed Denis first. He praised the customizability when it comes to sizes and colors, the leaf storage and how the table’s size can make playing games like Gloomhaven even more enjoyable. In his video he says “this table is really, really great and it’s gonna list us for the rest of our lives”.


A High Quality Choice



Denis tables are crafted from hardwood Ash, which is one of the main reasons why they look so fantastic and stylish. Rodney Smith, whom many of you know from the popular Youtube channel Watch it Played, praised Denis for its sturdiness in his review. He said “one thing I cannot demonstrate is just the quality of construction” and that “nothing about it feels cheap”


Denis seems to have been serving Rodney well, as in one of his more recent reviews he mentions that he has been using it for over 3 years as his one and only board gaming table. He also recorded every single video on it.



Rodney also enjoys the acrylic layer feature that we offer in most of our tables. He uses it to hold games with tile-based boards in place and to draw over game components. His table is also equipped with the remote controlled LED lights which are one of our favourite, premium add-ons for Denis. 



The Bottom Line


No matter what type of board game player you are: Denis is easily among the best board game table choices available on the market. The basic version comes equipped with multiple useful features and you can always customize it or go with some more premium ones if you ever need them.