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4 Great Board Game Tables Go on Summer Sale! 20% OFF25.05.2021 9:50 AM

Summer is almost here and we couldn’t be any more excited! Why, you’d ask? Apart from better weather, sunny trips and taking a little breather, we’ve also prepared something amazing for all of you. That’s tight, we’re talking about our Summer Sale. If you’re planning on getting a board game table filled with tons of features, look no more. 4 different board game tables we’ve designed are now for sale with a 20% discount.


Denis - Protecting and Improving Your Games

Denis is one of our favourite creations and interestingly: it’s the first table we ever built. Designed to suit any kind of games, it allows a high degree of customization and has plenty of functionalities that make playing board games, card games, miniature wargames and RPGs an even more enjoyable experience.


Denis tables are crafted from Hardwood Ash and can be decorated with various set stains: from Walnut and Mahogany to Teak. Same with inset colours, where you can pick from 10 different options. The inset itself is a great feature as it helps with making game components more stable, while helping with picking up cards easier. 

High level of game protection is one of the key features of Denis Board Game Table. First: the table has an inner vault area where you set up and play your games. This space can be covered by wooden top leaves that allow eating dinner above and “saving” games. Additionally, thanks to the Keep Dry System, not a single drop of liquid will spill between the leaves as they are completely waterproof. Acrylic Layer can be placed on the inset and cover your boards and maps to add another layer of protection or allow drawing over them with a marker.


Other add-ons and features packed with Denis Board Game Table include Internal and External Rail Systems, a Suction Cup and a Strake Board.


Henry - Even More Accessories

Henry Board Game Table is a newer iteration of Denis, and uses its most popular features, while adding lots of new stuff. The table comes in 2 size options, but it’s also possible to get a custom sized table if you’d prefer it this way. The colour and finish options are the same as Henry. It’s possible to choose one of two wood types: Oak or Ash. 

The table can be equipped with Bluetooth speakers and USB charging ports. RPG players will also enjoy GM pull out drawers which can hold all sorts of components vital to leading an adventure. 


Other optional add-ons include stainless steel cups, a desk with a shelf, cup and wine glass holders to keep the liquids away from your game, player desks, dice towers, counter holders and more.


Adam - Small and Loaded With Features

If you’re looking for a smaller table, that doesn’t take up too much space: Adam will be the perfect choice for you. Sized at 70cm x 120cm or 80xm x 130 cm, it can fit any kind of room. 


Like both tables mentioned before, Adam comes with  a customizable fabric inset, a system of top leaves, an acrylic layer, 2 rail systems and a strake board. Additionally Adam tables have a large shelf, which will be great for RPG players and storing some of your games and their components. 


Virgo - More Players, More Customization, More Fun

If you’re aiming towards the highest of ends and like to play your tabletop games in bigger groups, Virgo will be an easy choice for you. Designed to fit 6 or 8 players at once comfortably, the Virgo board game table is noticeably bigger than other tables we’ve talked about today.

The most unique feature here are individual player stations that offer a new level of comfort to anyone sitting and playing with you. It’s possible to dine on the top leaves, like in other models, but Virgo was designed with a huge focus on hardcore gaming


Each Virgo table comes with two rail systems, a set of drawers and player stations, four corner storage boxes, two large storage boxes and a set of Station Guards. Optional add-ons can also equip it with LED lights, a leaf box, large wooden bins, drink holders and much more.


Summer Sale


So how does the sale work? All our tables are discounted by 20% of their original price. The sale is planned to last until the end of August