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How the BRISTOL Board Game Table Makes Playing P&P RPGs Even Better07.05.2021 10:34 AM

We’ve designed the BRISTOL Board Game Table with every type of player in mind. Board gamers, card game players, poker players - all of these were equally important when building all tables in the BRISTOL family. That also includes RPG lovers, who like us, spent years playing DnD, Call of Cthulhu, Pathfinder and many other cult systems.


So how can BRISTOL Board Game Table make your pen & paper RPG experience even more enjoyable? Let us show you all the features we have in store for you.

The GM Platform

Game Master, Dungeon Master, no matter what name the system you play uses, is a vital group member during a RPG session. The person who leads the adventure needs as much comfort as possible. One of the best ways to achieve that is an add-on called GM Platform offered on the BRISTOL’s Kickstarter campaign, and later on on our online store.


The GM Platform is a quite sizable add-on that can be attached to one end of the table. It has two magnetic zones, that allow attaching dice towers, counter holders and other accessories available on the campaign. The platform also comes equipped with a sturdy, wooden DM screen, that helps with keeping your scenario notes hidden from your players if you need to. 


Player Boards


If you need more space to hold the character sheets, dice and other components, Player Stations are a great solution. They come in two varieties: wooden and acrylic. Both make the armrest wider and allow more space to place whatever game element you need. If you’re getting the BRISTOL Board Game Table during the campaign, two acrylic player boards are already included thanks to an unlocked Stretch Goal!


Pro Magnetic Accessories


Pro Magnetic Accessories are one of our favourite add-ons to our newest table, so we cannot recommend them enough to the RPG playing crowd as well. They include various holders useful for rolling dice, keeping the game components in one reachable spot or even feature a triangular, wooden dice tower that works great when you’re fighting monsters or casting spells in your favourite universe.


Crafting Your Own Maps


Many RPG Game Masters love to use maps to help players realize where they are and make combat easier to understand. This is especially popular in games like DnD. BRISTOL Board Game Table has an interesting optional add-on that can help using your maps to an even bigger degree. We’re talking about the Acrylic Layer that can cover the map laid in the gaming vault. Apart from protecting it, the layer allows drawing over it with an erasable marker and making changes to maps as well as drawing arrows, to better explain certain situations.


Improving Immersion



Finally, some of you may want to improve the immersion during your adventure. This can be achieved by adding Remote Controlled LED Light to your table’s inner vault. You can pick colours from the RGB palette and switch them when your party enters a city, a forest, a cave or a certain dungeon. If you like to play music or various sounds during your sessions, using a speaker would be great. Thanks to wireless and USB chargers that can be installed in the BRISTOL Board Game Table family, you can play whatever sounds you need for hours upon hours.


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