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Our New Giveaway is Here. Introducing the Newest Table by Our Team!24.03.2021 1:45 PM

We can finally show you more of our newest creation: the BRISTOL Board Game Table! This project will include a whole family of tables with plenty of new features, modular Pro accessories and a wide variety of optional add-ons to upgrade your table as much as possible.


Before the campaign launches we want to invite you to a giveaway. After completing some tasks, the lucky winner will get a free, complete BRISTOL Board Game Table! 


BRISTOL Board Game Table

Our newest table is made from oaken hardwood and consists of 2 different areas - the Gaming Vault and the top area made of removable wooden leaves. The Game Vault lies in the lower part of the table and is covered with a soft inset that makes picking cards up easier. You can also cover it with a transparent, acrylic layer to protect all game components placed underneath (e.g. boards, maps).


Waterproof wooden leaves offer another layer of protection. They are attached with the help of magnets and can cover the entire Game Vault. This way it’s possible to „save” the game below and have a meal above. All without worrying if anything spills.


The Power of Magnets

Each corner of the Game Vault has magnetic zones located below. They allow placing all sorts of accessories - either metal or magnet based. To make use of these, Geeknson has designed a set of Modular Magnetic Pro Accessories: counter holders, card holders and even a dice tower. They can be arranged together and create useful accessory clusters you can customize to your taste and needs.


Leveling Up RPG Experiences

Pro GM Station is another accessory that makes use of magnets. You attach it to one side of the table thanks to them. The Pro GM Station provides a wide, flat surface to place all vital elements and can host a dice holder and a dice tower in its 2 magnetic zones. Additional wooden Pro GM Screen looks great with the entire BRISTOL Board Game Table and can help every GM with hiding some components vital to leading an adventure.


More Features

Wirelessly Controlled LED Lighting System adds even more atmosphere and you can play board games in complete darkness. Wireless Chargers and USB chargers allow keeping your mobile devices nearby or using them to play music and enhance your RPG sessions. Pro Card Rail holds all your cards in front of you.


The above are just the tip of an iceberg. You will see even more features and add-ons on the campaign when it launches.


The Giveaway and the Campaign

The Kickstarter campaign for BRISTOL Board Game Table will launch on April 8th and last for 30 days. 


Now, before the launch, everyone can take part in our giveaway. You can find it in the new article on KA Board Game News, which you’ll find in the link below. It requires completing a few steps like visiting a Facebook page to participate. The winner will be drawn on a livestream on April 8th, just before the campaign launch.


>>> Join the Giveaway here!