Boardgame Table MEGAN RUSTIC

Boardgame Table MEGAN RUSTIC



MEGAN RUSTIC does not have the same customization of our Denis, Ludovic or Henry tables, however, this allows the MEGAN RUSTIC to be available for delivery in a fraction of the time… but still with the great features available, even a few new ones!

The MEGAN RUSTIC has an ALUMINIUM Rail System, new to any Geeknson table, still allowing accessories to be placed anywhere around the table with ease.
External size: 100cm x 150cm (3′ 28″ x 4′ 92″)
Playing surface size: 78cm x 128cm (2′ 55″ x 4′ 20″)

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  • Complete System of 6 pcs. top Leaves
  • Red or Blue Fabric Inset
  • Geeknson unique Keep Dry System®
  • Wooden Floor
  • Internal wooden Rail System
  • External Aluminium Rail System
  • Strake Board
  • USB Charger in one table leg
  • Wild Rustic Oak



STEP TWO - Accessories

Full range of Accessories available with Megan Rustic Gaming Table:

To access all Megan Rustic accessories click the link below:

Megan Rustic Boardgame Table Accessories

STEP THREE - Chairs and Seats

Chairs available:

  1. CH-101
  2. CH-102
  3. CH-107
  4. CH-106
  5. CH-108
  6. CH-104
  7. CH-155

Bench Lida options:

Download Chairs and Seats Catalogue

Buying a table

  1. Contact
    Have a question or want to order your table? No problem! Whether you send us an email or give us a call, we will be there to guide you through the process step by step. We pride ourselves on sending regular updates and pictures of your table as it develops with our production team. We are here to make this process as pleasant and easy as possible.
  2. Quote
    Take a look through our catalogue and see what options you would like for your very own table. Then, simply let us know and we can start building! We’ll keep you updated and before you know it, you will have your bespoke table!
  3. Update
    From the beginning of your journey with us, you can expect outstanding customer service that we pride ourselves on. Updates will be provided to you throughout the whole process. If you have any questions, there will always be somebody here willing to help.
  4. Delivery
    Our European customers will have the Geeknson van and our friendly delivery team arrive with your table. We aim to give you a fast and efficient service. Every table comes with the added option to have the team build your table for you too.


Delivery within the EU

Delivery in Europe between £150 – £540
Assembly possible, email us for more details.

Delivery outside the EU

Shipping outside the EU between $600 – $1200
Shipping to the USA and Canada  – DDP



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