LID BOARDS available NOW!13.11.2020 2:13 PM

Most of our concepts and features come from our existing customers and we love that! Thanks to you all we can evolve and upgrade our tables with more features and even improve the ones we already have.
This time we are proud to present to you LID BOARDS. This feature was anticipated by many of our existing customers as well as with new enquiries.

This new feature is available with new tables and for our existing customers!!!

Let’s get to the details of how it works and what options we have available for you.
First of all the LID BOARDS come in two options:

1. LID BOARDS only. Two pieces wooden boards which you place where your table top leaves would rest, this allows you to put your inset on top of them.
2. LID BOARDS + SPLIT INSET. This gives you more options with your game surface – see photos below. You can use one piece to elevate your game surface and then leave the rest of the table open or cover it with leaves. This way you have your game surface on two different levels. You can also flip your LID BOARDS creating a 2-piece hard top. Please remember that when you use LID BOARDS as a top for your Geeknson Table there is no Keep Dry system to protect your games underneath from spillages. 

To be absolutely sure the LID BOARDS you order will match your existing table please order them via email

Geeknson Team


Lid boards