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Customizing your Board Game Tables with IKEA-like convenience!15.07.2022 4:30 PM


Customization in the contemporary world is very important. These days it’s very easy to look around – be it in the internet or in real world – to find almost exactly what we need. Everyone knows it’s easy to simply navigate to website of stores like IKEA to find what you need. Thankfully fans of Board Game tables who like customization have another place to get a table exactly as they need – it’s Geeknson website shop! 







Ready-made tables



Speaking of IKEA it makes sense to start this article off while checking out the possibility to purchase ready-made tables perfect for both gaming and dining! For example Geeknson offers the way to inquire about getting fantastic Megan Board Game Table with 4 chairs and bench through their contact form available on the website. This option is great for people who don’t want to spend too much time on thinking about the best possible setup and prefer to leave that choice in the hands of experienced and dedicated crew. Specialists from Geeknson will definitely be able to find something perfect for your taste! And don’t those chairs next to table look just amazing?







Customize to your heart content!



Contrary to many other stores and shop at Geeknson customization and modularity are in charge. Their tables often follow very simple yet astonishing design philosophy and that is to always make room for additional changes. Not only you can decide on the size of the table but you can also modify other parameters like color of the inset that your Henry Board Game Table will come to you with or stain color. This is particularly useful for all of us who try to create rooms following certain theme – in some cases golden color is the way to go while in others some people might definitely go for walnut!







Have a comfortable seat!



Tables are important but so is having a dedicated and comfortable place to sit! Geeknson offers a quality set of chairs that you can get that not only fit the chosen table but also will perfect in any flat! To add to that you can even get a whole bench if you have a lot of guests and want to keep the space in relative order! Geeknson crew prides themselves on using quality hardwood to ensure the durability and comfort of their creations – just look at the chairs next to fantastic Virgo Board Game Table – they were almost literally made for each other!







Grab the right accessory for your gaming group!



Each of the gaming groups is different and each of them requires separate treatment! Thankfully in case of many Geeknson tables, like Bristol Board Game Table, the company has prepared a whole range of different accessories that will fit any kind of friends group. No matter whether you require more space for tokens, separators or organizers, perhaps acrylic layers to keep your character sheets on or even a dice tower – it’s all covered. Bristol utilizes magnets to ensure even higher degree of customization making it possible to have as much fun with as low interference from unwanted stimuli as possible!






Enjoy yourself just like you prefer!



Geeknson’s tables can cater to everyone due to their fantastic wide range of accessories and customization option. Due to that fact it is possible for any type of player to have a lot of fun just doing what they love – gaming! Everything else is left to Geeknson as they make sure you’re not bothered by trivial issues thanks to plethora of solution employed in their tables!