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Have a great coffee break with Board Game Tables from Geeknson!30.06.2022 4:20 PM


Finding a great coffee table for all your needs and preferences can be quite a challenge especially if you want to find a quality table that you will also be able to use for some other tasks than just peaceful coffee sipping! At Geeknson there are tons of different ideas for all kinds of tables and it should not be a surprise that there were also some interesting designs for their own coffee tables!







Convenient storage point



Coffee table can be a very vital addition to your living room especially if you’re low on available space. If you’re constantly looking for additional space to store some of your precious trinkets (or simply speaking decorations and little shinies) coffee table can present an unique opportunity to store them in style! Megan Coffee Board Game Table offers just so – an extra space where you can have a cup of coffee with style but also a place where you can store anything you want, really! What is even more convenient is the fact that thanks to its vault Megan offers multiple layers of storage surface. And the best part – you can still play games on it, isn’t that cool?







Fun and recreation on a smaller scale



Perhaps you don’t need a large table in your living room – maybe you wouldn’t even be able to fit it. Here is where Geeknson’s Coffee Tables come to the rescue – they offer a suitable and convenient gaming space within the scale of a small coffee table. Just look at the Coffee Archie Board Game Table – it’s small, it’s classy and still offers the bulk of unique solutions that you can also find in its larger brothers! Archie can be a great focal point of all the fun that happens in your apartment while not hogging all the attention! It’s especially handy when you want to spend some quality time with your children and play some fun and easy games while holding on to a drink of your choice. And it still does provide the convenience of its Pro Gaming Chests and Tiles!







Table as a self-contained decoration



Tables themselves are currently considered a decoration. Suffice to say that if you have an elegant table in the room the whole atmosphere of your apartment can completely change. If you’re looking for a classy table that will add to the elegance of your residence you definitely should check out Bristol Coffee Table! It’s a great masterwork piece of furniture prepared and manufactured by masters from Geeknson to make sure that it will only add to the overall feeling of your cozy space. You can still use amazing accessories with this particular table and play board games on it but it will also always feel like just the right table for your space. That’s the magic of Geeknson’s designs – creating tables that work perfectly as gaming space AND dining/living furniture!







Classy and yet different



One last design we want to showcase in this article is the Megan Hex Board Game Table. It’s an interesting, a bit different table that could serve as a Coffee Table albeit it’s a little bit bigger than the other propositions in this article. It’s a very functional, classy and highly useful table designed on a hex-like base that could work for social gatherings “by the table” if you really want to make sure that each of the participants have their own space. Megan Hex promotes the individuality of each sitters and make them feel welcome. It’s a great table when you want to showcase something to a group of people without taking any of them for granted. Everyone will feel equal sitting by the Megan Hex!







Have a great coffee! 



Coffee tables are highly fashionable and interesting pieces of furniture and Geeknsons do their best to create interesting ideas reforged into fantastic tables. Make sure to check their Coffee Tables out as you will surely find one that you will fall in love!