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3 Interesting Board Game Tables straight from Kickstarter15.06.2022 4:30 PM


Kickstarter campaigns are bread and butter of many manufacturers wanting to showcase their creative products to the world. Geeknson’s team is very fond of Kickstarter Crowdfunding as these are always a fantastic place to gather interesting feedback and opinions regarding their creations. Let’s dive in and preview Geeknson’s last 3 amazing board game table campaigns that turned out to be huge successes – Megan Board Game Table, Bristol Board Game Table and the latest Archie Board Game Table!







Megan Board Game Table



Did you know that there were almost 1800 comments left on the campaign project page for Megan Board Game Table? That’s a huge amount of participation from the board game community showcasing how interested fellow hobbyists were in this particular project. Megan Board Game Table was and still is an amazing board game table that backers were able to get in 8 different versions featuring a very interesting Megan Hex Table!


As in case with all Geeknson’s campaign backers were also able to unlock a lot of Stretch Goals and free add-ons of total worth around £300! Megan was also notable for featuring first ever cat holder – a designated space for your pupil where they can observe the happenings on the table. Truly a table for everyone!


Megan featured tons of customization options starting with selection of colors for the Pro Fabric Gaming Inset or including the PRO Inset Elevator – a feature allowing to lift the inset higher in the table vault as per players preferences.







Bristol Board Game Table



Another fantastic board game table – Bristol – received its Kickstarter campaign in April, 2021. Coupled with a giveaway for the table and various tests inluciding famous games like Gloomhaven, Geeknson was ready to present its newest creation to the world. Bristol was a table to behold – perfect for both demanding board game players and tabletop RPG players alike.


Bristol available in 4 different sizes selected carefully to accommodate any kind of player – The Warlord Bristol Table, the biggest of them all, was able to easily welcome 8 players making it a great choice for huge groups of players. Geeknson made it a point for themselves to make sure that the table will also seamlessly fit with everyday routine of their owners. That is why the campaign featured different options for both metal frame finish and wood finish. An elegant design, various convenient gaming features that could also be used in everyday life and the idea to become a central piece of the house made it possible to create a table that could be useful in many tasks – not only for gaming!


Campaign featured many Stretch Goals, once again bringing the worth of the table up – this time by around £350! The crux of the table however was featuring Magnetic Table Corners – a revolutionary idea of creating extra space for your gaming setups by using magnets to hold on to additional accessories. Magnets were hidden within the hardwood and metal construction of the table preserving its elegant look.


If you’re interested in this particular table keep in mind that its updated version – Bristol Plus with full-wood setup is currently (June, 2022!) available on crowdfunding with a plethora of free accessories!


Follow this link to check it out!







Archie Board Game Table



Archie is the newest table from Geeknson that received a Kickstarter campaign in March, 2022 and it is also the one that benefits strongly from the previous creations. A remarkable table that was made possible only by gathering ideas, feedback and thoughts that arose during previous campaigns – Archie had a great idea for itself. And thus Geeknson introduced a unique system of Pro Gaming Chests and Tiles.


Pro Gaming Chests were designed to give you an additional space for game components. Coupling them with Pro Gaming Tiles, many of them very unique and certainly different from each other, created a possibility to combine those two new features in various ways as per the player wishes. Chests and Tiles could be switched and moved around, used interchangeably, to create a gaming surface that you, exactly you, wanted to have. Modularity of this setup is off-the-charts, especially since Geeknson introduced different variations of both Chests and Tiles.


Archie featured many other convenient and important features that were also present in previous creations of the team. Keep Dry System that made sure no spill would ever endanger your games made its return as did Wooden External Rail System and many more. Archie is a great choice for all of you that want to have a complete freedom and control over your gaming space!


You might also want to check out Archie Board Game Table Late Pledge on crowdfunding – it might one of the last moments to get this fantastic table and start playing on a different level!


Click here to see more!







Never stop, always innovate



Those three campaigns highlight a very important design philosophy shared between different projects by Geeknson – innovation is the key. Each of the projects featuring a new table introduced a new way of shaping your gaming space according to your wishes. Be it by introducing high quality of materials and equipment in Megan, magnets design choices with Bristol or modular Chests and Tiles in Archie – Geeknson seems to always have something extra to draw board game players in. Be it through amazing designs or additional creative add-ons that you can get for your tables – and we are sure that there is still so much to come – the company does its best to create the ultimate board game tables and enhance fun of all players around the world.