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Top 5 catastrophes averted by Geeknson’s tables!15.04.2022 5:00 PM

We all love playing board games and having tons of fun while doing so. In many cases fun includes vigorous hands waving, gesticulation and different sudden movements – it’s hard to hold back and not throw your arms in the air when you find yourself winning in yet another round of your favorite game. Geeknson’s tables are designed to maximize your ability to express your joy (or perhaps sadness after losing that crucial game) without worrying about catastrophes that might befall your nearby area due to the range of emotions experienced by the player!







No accidental spills on my table!



Either by shifting your hand into a more comfortable position, pure clumsiness moment that can happen to anyone or as a result of an emotional gaming exchange – spills could happen at virtually any time! You’re fortunate if it’s simply water being spilled or if it only covers the table area but what if you like to drink different beverages and you want to have the drink right next to you? In order to minimize the possibility of getting your sheets and figurines dirty Geeknson’s tables like Denis Board Game Table offer you a possibility to get a functional Cup Holder equipped with Stainless Steel Cup! It looks stylish but what is even more important is the fact that it serves a great purpose of keeping your gaming area safe and spill-free! Simply put your drink in its rightful place and enjoy the game without worrying!







Where did my dice go, have anyone seen them!?  



We are all proud of our dice collection, aren’t we? Don’t you hate it when due to a botched roll they end up on the floor? It is fine if that’s all that happens but if they keep on rolling they can often find their way under the bed or a wardrobe and getting them back might become quite an adventure! However – we definitely prefer to keep all the adventures on the table and to that effect equipping your Henry Board Game Table with Dice Towers and/or Counter Holders will ensure that your dice stay exactly where you want them. Not to mention that having a classy tower right there on your table can only add to the overall atmosphere of your game night. Keep in mind they come in various colors!







Forgetfulness can sidetrack any epic journey



You’ve got everything ready – you’ve spent the last night thinking about the perfect campaign hook for your players, you’ve created an interesting scenario and plot for the session and you’ve even printed out the handouts for the group to make the whole experience more immersive. However your players show up with apologetic look on their faces. One of them forgot their character’s sheet, another one lost the mini representing their hunter and the third one misplaced their dice and is hoping to use yours… True tragedy! If only there was a way to keep all of that important stuff in one place… but there is! With Megan Board Game Table you can pause or stop your gaming session at any moment in time and keep it perfectly preserved until you’re ready to play again. If you’re meeting your players once a week and don’t want to be bothered with constant reminders simply ask them to leave their sheets, minis, dice and whatever else they’d prefer to have when gaming within the table itself! Then simply put the safe leaves on top of the table transforming it into a classy dinner table – where you can also play a different game if you so prefer! That’s it!







No personal space equals no fun!



People need their own space. This stays true no matter how much outgoing and sociable they are. Even best friends can turn against one another if they feel like they are being stifled or put on the back seat. Geeknson’s table are designed with comfort in mind – just looking at the Bristol Board Game Table make you want to seat at it and enjoy a game or two of your favourite title. Bristol was also designed to suit every game group out there – no matter whether it’s 4 or 8 players! No more arm rubbing or saying “excuse me” every time you want to make a play on the board. Neutralising all negatives is what Geeknson’s all about. Instead you can enjoy yourself and manage your own space – there’s enough room to put your character sheet, drink, figurine, cheatsheets with spells and abilities, phone and so on!







That’s a nice kitty… Kitty, no!



And of course we’re not forgetting that many of us have their beloved pets near when playing the game. After all if you’re playing a witch having a black cat (called “Pudding” in reality but for the sake of game you dub him “Skullcracker”!) casually stroll past your legs builds your character up! Geeknson knows however that sometimes you just want to play uninterrupted! As that is the case Megan Board Game Table offers an interesting solution in shape of Cat Holder With Rope – a simple, yet genius solution to keep your pet busy while also giving it a place at your table! No more (hopefully) disasters stemming from your cat deciding to grace your group of friends with its almighty presence right in the middle of your game! That’s another cat-astrophe averted, right?