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Technology meets tradition in Geeknson’s Board Game Tables31.03.2022 5:00 PM

Seemingly contrasting and antagonistic ideas of modernity and tradition can often be combined to achieve a new unique quality. This quality, in case of board game tables, often decides whether the people having fun at the table will be able to enjoy themselves just the right way. Everyone searches for different kind of experiences and skillfully mixing two different worlds can quench even the biggest thirst. Let’s see how Geeknson maintains the atmospheric tradition of board games' meeting while tapping into possibilities provided by the top of the line technology.




Geeknson Board Game Table




Reach new heights with a bit of creativity



Sometimes the best solution might be the easiest one. Different games might require additional levels of elevation – some of them will have flat tokens or maps requiring higher tables while other might call for “deeper” board due to their verticality. Megan Board Game Tables caters to those needs with its special accessories - 2 additional Strake Boards ready to use in those exact situations. They are designed specifically to create a space that is easy to access by changing the surface configuration. Keep your back straight and enjoy the heights!







Different strokes for different folks



It’s always good to be able to accommodate as many types of games as possible. As we are blessed with countless possibilities of becoming mighty warriors or slick hackers – depending on the chosen setting – it’s important to create space that calls for higher levels of immersion. In case of Dennis Board Game Table it’s easy to maintain the right feeling – the table itself is a classy piece of furniture and you can choose your favourite inset color. Additionally you can equip it with LED Lights that will truly bring out the best in it! Just imagine casually changing the light to red to signalize a dangerous situation occurring on board or perhaps a blue to invoke a feeling of safety in the players. You can create truly amazing moments!







A drink for a true board game player



And no, we’re not trying to start a war between those who believe that certain drinks are better suited for the hobby than the others! We simply believe that everyone should have a full range of options available and never feel left out. That’s why no matter if you like soda, tea or wine our Henry Board Game Table will be there for you… and will even hold your beverage when you’re busy making the game changing play. Whether it’s the extra cup holder or wine glass holder – you can add those to your table and equip them when the need arises. Perhaps you’ll find that wine glasses will add a lick of atmosphere to that one RPG session that’s all about historic authenticity featuring high-class meeting? Or if your game is taking place in cyberpunk dystopian city - a bottle of colorful liquid will be more to your liking? No matter the choice – our table is here to improve your fun!






Classical music from modern speakers



But what sets the mood better than the right music? And while it might be interesting to entertain the notion of hiring a quartet of famous musicians to create the atmosphere for your night it can create some unwanted chaos when they suddenly ask to join your game! Instead, Geeknson tables like Virgo Board Game Table opt into creating authentic moments of awe by using a sound system that you can easily add to your table as an additional accessory. Whether you prefer to use the table controls or the connected device you will be able to enjoy just the right background music thanks to the fantastic Bluetooth speakers!







Classy looking table with creative features



A table that looks great and enhances gaming experience is a dream come true for many players out in the whole world. Geeknson’s tables incorporate the feeling of classy furniture – perfect for all kinds of settings and fantasies – while making sure to always aim for the highest degree of creative functionality. Technology mixes and matches with skillful craftsmanship and the table become the best place to create all kinds of worlds and histories!