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How Customization Can Make Your Board Game Table Even Better17.10.2021 11:22 AM

Each time we start working on a new board game table design, we do everything to make it as great-looking and useful as possible. New projects bring new features, designed to enhance your board gaming experience and bring many quality of life upgrades. 


While we strongly believe that all of our creations are amazing choices in their original state, we always offer additional customization options to suit the needs of all of our clients. If you’re getting our products through Kickstarter - you can pick them from the add-on section on the campaign and on the pledge manager. When it comes to our online store: each table has an add-on section and there are additional layers of customization available in the Build Your Own Table tool.



So what customization options do we have for our furniture and how can you benefit from them?


A Table to Match Your Home



When picking one of our board game tables you will likely begin by choosing the material that it’s made from. This usually includes a type of wood and the finish. The latter differs between tables but there are at least a few options available. Take Virgo for example. The finishes you can choose from include Walnut, Mahogany, Teak, Oak Wood, Oak Stain, Black, Winter White, Vintage and Gold. Thanks to so many options you can always pick something that will fit your room perfectly.


Inset of Your Choice



Insets might look like minor parts of our tables, while in fact they’re one of the most important features. Covering the inner part of the Vault, they make picking cards much easier and guarantee that nobody will move certain components by accident. We offer a number of color options here so you can pick one that suits your room or preferences the most. And if you need even more customization in the lower part of the table, you can get...


...Your Own Unique Playmat



Some of our tables can be upgraded with a custom playmat created just for you. Playmats are placed in the vault and work as a surface to play your games on. When it comes to their designs: we can cover them with pretty much anything you want. All you need is to mail us with your idea and wait for our reply if it can be done. This way you can have a table mat themed specifically for a certain game. Need a playmat with a board to play Craps on? No problem. Want to have a space themed background for your X-Wing battles? We can do it. Sky’s the limit!


Even More Atmosphere



LED Lights are another example of features that change a board game table by miles when they’re added. You can install them in your Denis, Virgo, Henry, Adam and some of our Kickstarter tables as well, such as Bristol. There are 3 variants to pick from. You can get a set of regular LED lights, Philips Hue and Philips Hue with BRIDGE smart lighting system. All these can be controlled remotely and in the case of Hue - offer many colours and combinations, so you can make your table glow in the colour fit for your game, or play at night. This is easily one of our favorite table upgrades and we use it when playing RPGs all the time.


Tradition Meets Technology



Apart from LED lights we’re also offering more tech-related table add-ons that will be of great help when playing your favourite board games. These are installed in the table's frame and require connection to an electrical socket. What can you add here? There are wireless chargers for mobile devices, USB chargers and a sound system that can be controlled thanks to a special panel or directly from your smart device.


As you see, all our board game tables are highly customizable and equipable with tons of great addons. If you want to check them out - visit our online store.