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Loodo Ninja Praises Our Tables26.07.2021 2:01 PM

We love hearing your opinions about our board gaming tables. Over the years we have received tons of amazing feedback that allowed us to improve our creations and make them as close to your needs as possible.


In the past and present year a certain board game critic and game design mentor gave lots of praise to our creations. Loodo Ninja, who often writes Kickstarter and board game related articles on KA News, has recommended our tables in three of his blog posts. Loodo’s articles always feature comic-style illustrations with games and products he’s talking about (you can see some of them in this post). He shares his monthly picks and explains why they are worth backing on Kickstarter. 


Loodo’s articles about us have included two campaigns for The Megan Board Gaming Table as well as the BRISTOL Board Game Table this year. Let’s check out what he liked the most about these products.


The Megan Board Game Table


Back in May 2020 Loodo Ninja featured us for the first time right when we launched the original campaign for Megan. As some of you might remember, it was aimed at European backers and offered a variety of sizes and add-ons for them to pick.


In his article Loodo called Megan “high quality” and praised its modularity. He also mentioned the Card Rail System, that allows easy access to your cards and seeing them all at once. Same with the Keep Dry System that lets you cover the inner part of the table which is useful for “saving” games and keeping them protected. Loodo gave lots of praise to how affordable Megan tables are compared to the competition and to our new shipping solutions. We’ve managed to achieve that thanks to taking the process into our own hands.


When we launched the second campaign for Megan, one of the main goals was to ship tables to other continents. Here, the critic kept on praising the 360 Card Rail System and a certain add-on. That’s right. We’re talking about the famous Cat Holder. He also mentioned how Megan comes mostly pre-assembled and only requires its legs to be attached. When it comes to available models, he called Hex and Wing his favourite choices.


BRISTOL Board Game Table


The campaign for the BRISTOL family of tables has launched this year and featured our newest creation. The goal was to offer tons of fresh solutions never before seen in board game tables. Loodo noticed the above and wrote that “furniture aimed at board game players appears on Kickstarter from time to time, but this project seems to finally be doing everything right”.



When it comes to BRISTOL Loodo praised its system of Magnetic Pro Accessories. He called it his favourite feature because of how much customization it allows for. The table can be equipped with various add-ons that fit this system and can be mixed and arranged in whatever way your current game needs them to. Magnetic accessories include counter holders, dice trays, dice towers and many others.


We’re incredibly happy about these opinions. Words like these really power us up and motivate us to keep coming with new, even more unique ideas. If you have anything to say about our tables or what’s your dream feature we should consider in the future: don’t hesitate to contact us or write something about us.