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Geeknson at UKGE 2021 - Don't Miss It!16.07.2021 12:04 PM

We love all sorts of board game related events, especially now when most of them came to a halt for quite a while. The possibility to talk with our fans and people interested in our gaming tables, show our best and newest creations and offer them at special prices always feels great. UK Gaming Expo is one of the events we always attend and 2021 will not be different in this case. 




UKGE is the biggest tabletop gaming themed event in the entire UK. It always attracts masses of fans and people from the industry. Game designers, testers, collectors, competition participants, seminar attendees and many others. We simply cannot skip this and it’s actually our 6th time there! 


Want to meet us (and our tables) live? No problem! Just look for the stand number 2-426.


Great Tables at Great Prices


Now let’s talk about what we’ll have to show and what you’ll be able to get your hands on. Here’s what we have in store.





At UKGE 2021 we’ll bring 7 of our best tables, many with chairs and the possibility to test them. Want to sit down, touch everything or play a whole game on one? No problem! Just visit our stand and let us show you everything. All tables can also be bought during the event and they will of course be offered at promotional prices (our Summer Sale is still active).


Virgo Debuts at UKGE



Let’s begin with Virgo - a table that will make it’s UKGE debut this year. Easily one of our most exclusive products it is available with 6, 8 or a custom amount of player stations. These stations are our favourite feature as they provide tons of comfort for every player at the table. Apart from them you’ll also see tons of features from Bluetooth speakers, storage boxes, fabric inset and many of your other favourites. Additionally stations have their own rails, Guards that can protect minis or character sheets and their own drawers that can also work as dice trays.


Meet Our Other Stars


Another of our favourites will also be presented during the expo. Denis is our first creation and still manages to remain one of the top choices on the market. Topper leaves allow dining over the inner vault and “saving your games”. Each piece comes with a fabric inset, acrylic layer, suction cup, two rail systems and is made from Hardwood Ash.




Henry takes all ideas from Denis and adds even more new features like BT speakers, USB charging points and special drawers designed for GMs/DMs.



Megan will also be presented in a few different variants. Our super popular Kickstarter table is back and like always, comes with tons of unique attachable add-ons that you can order later directly from our online store when you need them.




BRISTOL Board Gaming Table will also be displayed at UKGE along its one of a kind set of magnetic accessories that allow shaping its every inch to your gaming needs. You will be able to order it through the Late Pledge system after seeing it on the expo or playing a game on it there. We will also display Amelie chairs to go with it.


Geeknson’s Legendary Raffle


If you ever met us at UKGE you already know about our (not so little ;)) tradition. Every year we organize a raffle where participants can get £2 lots. Near the end of the expo everyone gathers at our stand and Martin draws one lot that rewards the lucky winner with a very special prize. This year this is going to be a fully equipped Megan Board Gaming Table! Don’t miss this chance if you’re there!


Also, when UKGE concludes we traditionally sell all tables that were shown there for very special prices for the most patient participants who have waited until the end of the event.


We can’t wait to see you at this year’s expo. Hope you’ll all enjoy it as much as we always do!