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4 Ways to Enjoy Your Wargames Even More Thanks to Geeknson's Board Game Tables09.06.2021 12:53 PM

Wargame lovers are one of the main player demographics that we kept in mind when designing every single of our tables. It shouldn’t come as a surprise as they’re one of the most devoted hobbyist groups that have always strived to elevate their hobby. 


Our tables offer tons of quality of life features that make playing wargames faster, easier with the ability to pause and continue your battles anytime you want. Let us walk you through all the ways that Geeknson’s board gaming tables can make you enjoy your wargames even more.


1. Endless Wars

No matter what systems you enjoy playing, some more heated battles can take longer than expected. In the case of regular tables, running out of time usually means packing up the game and ending up with an unsatisfying conclusion. Sure, many games have scoring methods that can settle situations like that, but that’s nowhere near as fun as winning properly.


Luckily, our tables have a solution for this sort of situation. How does it work? The inner part is used to play your games in a comfortable way and it can be covered with a set of wooden leaves. This way, you can save your game in the inner part and have dinner or play another game above. 


2. Protecting Your Units

Since we’re talking about the inner vault, it’s worth tackling another issue that’s often insanely important for anyone who plays wargames and any other types of tabletop games. Namely: keeping your game components as safe as possible. Who would want to spend weeks painting minis for their army and then risk getting them covered in gravy?


Thanks to the Keep Dry System consisting of waterproof wooden leaves we’ve implemented in most of our new tables, your minis will be 100% safe from any possible spills and other dangerous situations. Additionally, a  big part of our offer can be equipped with cup and wine glass holder add-ons, that can help with keeping drinks away from your personal battlefield. 


3. Immersive Battles

Some may say that adding more immersion to wargames is unnecessary and that all that matters is the strategy part. Still, even when your minis are amazingly painted and you have plenty of gaming terrain, some other stimuli can make you even more engrossed in your epic conflict. Take the lighting for example. LED lights installable in many of our tables can allow playing when it's dark and thanks to their changeable colours you can adjust them to the situation on the battlefield or to suit your miniature terrains. Volcanic areas with additional red light will surely look simply stunning.


Another idea is to use thematic music thanks to wireless and USB chargers located in Geeknson tables. Sounds of swords clashing and armies riding towards each other can also add to the epicness.


4. Upgrading Your Armies Comfortably

Since painting miniatures is often considered a vital part of this hobby, Geeknson tables can also work great for this specific activity. Wide, flat surfaces made of sturdy wood can be great for hosting your painting gear as long as you cover them with some sort of protective layer. Shelves available in add-on sections will also be fantastic for storing all of your art supplies from brushes to paints.