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Upgrading Your BRISTOL Board Game Table Anytime You Want16.04.2021 12:21 PM

The Kickstarter campaign for our newest family of tables is finally here. There are many ways to back the project and customize your BRISTOL Board Game Table as much as you want. If you’d like your table to have additional features: they’re all listed in the Add-on section. Many of them will make your gaming experience miles better and help you make the most of your new table. Do you need to choose what to add right now? Absolutely not.



Always Upgradable


Upgrading your table is a great way to make it more tailored to your specific gaming needs. While you can choose add-ons for your BRISTOL Board Game Table during the campaign, you can also do this after it ends. Anytime you want. 



First, when the campaign ends and we launch the pledge manager, you will be able to choose additional items to add to your order. The start of our PM is planned for June/August 2021. All add-ons available during the campaign will be offered there, so you can get them this way if you prefer to.


Later on, we will also add every single add-on to our online store. You will be able to browse the entire catalog of Pro Accessories and other optional features and order them anytime you want. We also plan to gradually offer completely new stuff compatible with BRISTOL. We want BRISTOL Board Game Tables to be a product that evolves and offers endless ways to make it your own, unique piece of gaming furniture.


Do More With Add-ons

So what can you upgrade your BRISTOL Board Game Table with? First, the Pro Modular Fabric Inset is a great way to improve your gaming experience. It helps with picking cards and makes them more stable. The Pro Inset Elevator can help with placing the inset higher, should you prefer to play this way. If you want additional protection, you can also get an Acrylic Layer to cover your boards and RPG maps and draw on them with erasable markers.


BRISTOL tables can also be equipped with useful tech-based add-ons that help with building better immersion. This includes a Remote Controlled LED Light installable inside the vault, as well as wireless and USB chargers



RPG fans will enjoy our GM Platform with a DM Screen made entirely of wood and installable at the end of the table. Same with the Player Boards which are installed on the armrest area and provide more space to hold character sheets, dice and everything you need during your session.

Finally, there are plenty of accessories that can help with organizing things when you play. From acrylic bins, screens and counter dividers to dice towers, counter holders, cup holders, magnetic dice trays, a new type of storage solution that allows hiding topper leaves in an area below the table and more.



You can get all of the above on the campaign, and like we said, everything will also be available on the pledge manager and later on our online store


Huge thanks to LOODO NINJA for talking about our newest table in his recent article on KA Board Game News :)


>>> Join the campaign here


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