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Best Chairs and Benches for Board Gaming26.02.2021 10:55 AM

Chairs and benches are the silent heroes of board gaming. We often talk about tables and the very term “tabletop game” makes them sound really important. And sure, they’re vital if you want to play anything, but we’d argue that chairs and benches come close or maybe, considering their effect on our health and comfort, they can even be considered equal.


A Comfortable Board Game Night



It’s easy to make wrong choices when picking your furniture. Some great looking chairs or coffee tables turn out to be completely useless when you get into the board gaming hobby and have some fellow players come for a game or five. Bending your back to move your minis and pick up cards will make many people tired and frustrated rather quickly. Especially when you’re playing something longer or more complex.


In general, properly profiled chairs work best for your posture, but people who don’t have problems with their backs would also be fine with benches (yes, we also make these, more on that later). So what types of furniture would be a good addition to your board gaming tables?


Pick Your Perfect Chair

CH101 models


Getting chairs that match the gaming table you own makes a lot of sense. They look like they’re a part of it and, like gaming tables, they’re designed to make your playing experiences better. Geeknson chairs come in many varieties including different types of stains on the sturdy hardwood and various colours of fabric to pick from. You can get chairs with the look of Natural Ash, Walnut, Mahogany, Teak and many, many more. Fabric, designed to make you even more comfortable, can be Velvet Royal Blue, Burgundy, Grey and there are at least twice as many options for each model.


CH107 model
CH107 model



When it comes to our chairs, there are models like CH 107 and more minimalistic CH 101 that should suit most gamers. If you want something taller there’s also CH 155 made of beech hardwood. Fans of more antique-style furniture should enjoy CH 108, that merges stylishness with lots of comfort.

CH108 model


Lida Benches

Lida openable bench

Benches are a fantastic alternative for board gamers, especially when you want more functionality and don’t mind having something to sit on without a wooden back part. Apart from being nice to sit on, you can also open them and store your games inside - treasure chest style. All models have an insane amount of space to store your entire collection, even if it features huge boxes like Gloomhaven or Kickstarter editions of

adventure co-op games like Zombicide or Bloodborne.


Geeknson offers 3 different models of benches, and they’re all various models of the Lida design. The original one comes with an upholstery to sit on cozily. Alternative variants offer an option to get a flat version without the pillow-like top.


Closed bench



By the end of the day, choosing whatever makes you feel both comfy and healthy is vital. The additional storage option is great, if you’re fine with replacing chairs with benches. A mix of both is also a good idea, as long as you have enough space in your room.