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Making the Most of RPGs With a Board Game Table16.02.2021 11:34 AM

You could say that to fully enjoy a pen & paper RPG session all you need is a good scenario and a bunch of players willing to tackle it. Sure, without a nice story it could be hard to enjoy it, but there are many ways to make your experience even better. Many GMs use tiny gadgets like amulets, bullets or stones to engage their players more, and from our experience the reactions are always amazing. Being able to touch something you only know from imagination is really something.


What other accessories can you use to make your sessions more memorable? Let us guide you through some of them.


GM Station


An add-on to The Megan Board Gaming Table can be attached to its outer rail. GM station is a really handy tool for anyone interested in leading a party through a RPG session. It’s made of sturdy wood and looks like a box with an openable lid. You can use it to store rulebooks, dice and other components like monster miniatures. After opening, it’s possible to place various components on the diagonally standing lid and turn it into a classic GM screen, which allows keeping some information a secret from the players.


D&D Benches


Another useful tool, and another component addable to The Megan. D&D benches are designed to fit into the gaming vault inside the table and give players more space to hold their character sheets, dice or pencils. The center playing area gets a bit smaller, but perfect to fit the map with miniatures. Depending on your needs you can use 1 or two benches and adjust all areas to the needs of your group and your adventure


Acrylic Layer


Since we were talking about comfortable map placement, here’s another useful add-on that can be used on a variety of our tables. We’re talking about the acrylic layer you can place on the inset. The idea is to cover any maps and boards you’re using so they’re better protected. In the case of RPGs, there’s one more useful functionality. Namely: the ability to draw on the layer using erasable markers. You can do this to explain things in more detail or draw changes in the environment.


LED Remote Controlled Lights


Manipulating your playing environment according to the events in your scenario is another great way to engage players even more. While candles are certainly a popular classic, the LED Remote Controlled Lights have many advantages that might make them amazing in numerous situations. For example: they can create a really eerie atmosphere and if you’re using ones with switchable colours, it’s possible to change these with a remote when players enter specific locations. Places like caves can get darker while some magical ruins can make the playing vault start glowing blue. Sky’s the limit.


Sound System + USB Charger


Using music during RPG sessions was always one of our favourite ways to immerse new players and add to the atmosphere. Back in the day the music from Diablo series was our go to choice, but nowadays the internet is filled with many hours-long soundtracks created to fit various RPG settings and areas. The sound system that can be installed in some of our tables allows pairing devices with it and playing the music or ambient sounds directly from the table. Using certain mobile apps would also make sfx sounds when necessary.