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4 Must Have Board Game Table Accessories for Pro Gamers16.02.2021 11:24 AM

Each hobby has a group of people who are slightly more fascinated with it than the regular fans. People who love it so much that they take that hobby to all sorts of extremes. In the case of tabletop gaming we can talk about “pro gamers''. They’re people with a huge knowledge about different games, who have played many titles or have just simply devoted thousands of hours to rolling dice, strategizing and creating card combos. 


When you get to such a level you suddenly start thinking about making the time spent on your hobby even more enjoyable -  to make the most of it. You put protector sleeves on your cards, designate a certain table or area to play games and go as far as create your own inserts. 


Today we’d like to show you 4 accessories that most pro gamers would definitely appreciate and enjoy using. 


Counter Holders


The bigger the game, the harder it gets to have it properly organized on the table. Even if games have well designed inserts, at bigger player counts they barely help and everyone wastes time looking all over the table for certain counters or keeps mixing their own components with other players. 


How can you solve it to make your gaming experiences more seamless? We suggest getting a set of counter holders. Depending on the table you’re using you might get one that gets attached to the outer rail or invest in a stand alone counter holder. These handy little containers can host any sorts of tokens, dice and metal cubes to separate your own from these owned by other players. Counter holders can also help in making certain components more accessible to everyone.


Wooden Dice Tower


If you play a lot of board games, especially these that use a bigger number of dice, investing in a good quality dice tower might be a great idea. This way, when you want to roll, there’s a guarantee that not a single die will shoot in a random direction or get lost between all the components. Additionally, dice towers do half of the roll for you, ensuring that nobody is able to manipulate the results even slightly. The practical aspects are already a good reason to get yourself one, but apart from them, solid, wooden dice towers simply look great on a table.


Player Desk


Some games (hello Scythe) have a colossal table presence and leave little room for player boards, which happen to be vital to the gameplay. Getting player desks, attachable to outer rails in many tables by Geeknson might help a lot here. With these, it’s possible to hold your personal components close to you, while leaving the huge map right in the middle of the table accessible to everyone and uncluttered. 


LED Remote Controlled Lights


This feature, available in some board game table models, serves two different purposes. First: it makes playing at night easier, especially when you want to dim the light a bit and still see what’s happening on the board. Second: it creates an unique, slightly eerie atmosphere that will make many games more special, especially the pen & paper RPGs. An optional Philips Hue ledstrip can be installed and offer even more lighting options in different colours.