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The whole family is loving the table. We currently have the kids’ half finished jigsaw under one half and an in-progress game of Caverna under the other. I have to get them both finished in time for a poker tournament next week! Experience was great from start to finish. The communication was good, the table was finished ahead of schedule and the delivery and installation was very smooth. I will be recommending Geeknson to my friends!




Some days are just more awesome then others! Today our ‪‎Geeknson‬ Denis table arrived. Delivered by mister Martin Geeknson himself. The additional surprise Geeknson and retailer‪ ‎Demo Spel‬ had for us, was even bigger then ever expected. Instead of the demo-version (already used but repainted) we got a brand new model, due to some adjustment issues. What a service and above all, what a great gaming table. So proud to have this in my house, and so looking forward to change my beloved hobby into an amazing life experience for me and my friends and family



We are really pleased with our Games Table – it has really enhanced our gaming experience. The baize top makes picking up cards so easy and the channel around the edge of the table perfectly holds player’s cards. Being able to switch between a gaming table and a dinner table in 2 minutes is revolutionary in our household.



From the first contact by email, the visit at the Geeknson booth at Spiel 2015 (where we bought the table) until the date of delivery, the communication with Geeknson was just perfect. One the most important aspects we encountered was the fact that Geeknson itself informed us about the production of the table and the chairs without us asking for the information. And the table: nothing but compliments. The colour is as we aspected, the whole gaming-experience changed for us as soon we played our first game. Oh and the chairs are really comfortable. Nothing but good experiences with Geeknson.



There has been a great deal of thought put into the design of the table and it functions perfectly. It looks fantastic. To top it all off, every dealing I have had with the guys at Geeknson has been friendly, professional, and efficient. My whole experience with the table – the initial order/design process, delivery, and many hours of subsequent game-playing – has been a pleasure.



This table isn’t absolute gorgeous. It’s wonderful. It makes our gaming life so much richer and more intensive. We now are able to game 4, 5 board games a week, unlike one a week formerly. It’s so easy to play for an hour and then close the table and prepare for breakfast tomorrow. We tried thinking over and over but yet we can’t find anything to improve. Our experience with Geeknson from start to delivery till your current mail is formidable. We give it a 10 (out of 10 – 1=terrible, 10=120% perfect).



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